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    Monday, September 10th, 2007
    12:32 am
    SpellCast Talks "Adult" Fandom Creativity and Censorship
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    As a prelude to Banned Books Week later this September, SpellCaster Venessa sat down with a panel of fanfic writers and fanartists for a philosophical discussion of the rewards, challenges, controversy and comedy of producing material for "mature audiences" in the Harry Potter fandom. Some of our show highlights:

    - Meet the panel: artists tripperfunster and mariahgem, and writers bennmorland (fic journal: spkr_4_the_dead) and maple_mahogany.
    -Ethics versus Aesthetics - what's the difference between art and *cough* pornography?
    -To Squick Or Not To Squick: The stuff we can't bare to look at (and can't look away from).
    -Staying in character, telling a good story, and avoiding the senseless stuff.
    -*gasp* Sexuality in Canon?!
    -Slash = Sexy!
    -Fandom is about creative freedom... or is it?
    -The audience for adult fandom creativity could be made up of anyone... even you.
    -Does Harry Potter nurture deviance?
    -Writing and Drawing for a global audience
    -Group therapy - the panel shares what it's like to be censored.
    -Who's responsible for protecting the kids?
    -How do we protect ourselves as artists and authors?
    -The Feedback Segment: Our panel addresses YOUR comments! :)
    -Reaching Conclusions: Erotic art/fiction making us better writers and authors.

    Thank you to our guests and to our listeners for participating! Be sure to stay tuned to Beyond SpellCast for more "Alternative Listening", and leave us your comments!
    Wednesday, December 10th, 2008
    5:45 am
    The House of Blue
    Robert and Aaron are joined by a new host, Rae Taylor, at the Three Broomsticks for "SpellCast: The House of Blue." The SpellCast trio take on the Carrow's regime of torture and discuss the strengths of Ravenclaws. So walk up to the bar, order a Firewhiskey, and get ready for a great episode of SpellCast!

    Listen here or download it off iTunes.
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    6:08 am
    It's bright and early at the Three Broomsticks and a groggy Robert and Aaron are back with "SpellCast: Changes." Sidney Parker, an old host of SpellCast, drops in to say hello and joins the boys. Also, Aaron tells us how he really feels about Draco Malfoy and Robert learns a lesson in conflict mediation. So pour yourself a cup of coffee, butter up a piece of toast, and wake up to a new morning with SpellCast!

    listen here or download it off iTunes.
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