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    Wednesday, January 14th, 2015
    7:25 pm
    The Next Total War game will be set in the Warhammer world
    Total War creators to make Warhammer games
    Total War does Warhammer

    Total War’s next instalment may have just been revealed early, and it’ll take place in the Warhammer world.

    The project’s existence emerged thanks to an off-hand comment in The Art of Total War book, posted via Total War Centre’s forums. Having received their copy early, user StormOfRazors noticed creative director Mike Simpson mention that they’ll be “taking the series to a fantasy setting with Total War: Warhammer” while discussing the franchise’s future.

    MORE: Total War: Attila set to pillage 2015

    Creative Assembly won the licence to make games set in that universe back in 2012, and they put together a new team to tackle the job. Apparently we wouldn’t see any results until after 2013, so we’re on track for an official announcement soon.

    Curiously, Simpson also writes about games as a service, his interest in projects that evolve over time (such as Eve Online) and “looking at ways to pull more social aspects into the game” like multiplayer. Although there’s no indication of what shape Total War: Warhammer will take, perhaps this hints at where the studio is going in days to come.

    We’ll keep you updated as and when we know more.


    8:49 pm
    David Moyes steals crisps from fans after being sent off for Real Sociedad

    Just when things were looking up for David Moyes – after he masterminded Real Sociedads win over Barcelona – its all started going wrong again.

    The former Manchester United boss was sent off for Sociedad tonight in their crucial Copa Del Rey clash with Villarreal.

    Moyes took the decision on the chin though, and after strolling up to take a seat in the stands, started sharing snacks with fans.

    He took some crisps from one supporter but denied the offer of some chocolate. Surreal.

    MORE: Roma fan gets truly bonkers tattoo on his leg

    David Moyes
    You’ve gotta love Moyesey (Picture: Twitter/Sky Sports)
    9:46 pm
    This is officially the worst chat show entrance ever

    You can have the strut, the snazzy blazer, and the cheering crowd, but if you can’t walk up some stairs without falling over you are doomed to fail.

    A guest on the show Back to School recently found this to be the case after having what can only be described as one of the worst walk-ons in TV history.

    He is on TV for mere seconds before taking a cartoon-like tumble up some stairs, before regaining his footing for a second… and then falling over again.

    Back to School airs on the Arab TV channel Al Hayah, and features many special hosts from Arabian and Persian culture.

    This unfortunate incident even occurred on the Christmas Day episode, however the plucky guy manages a laugh and a smile at the end (there isn’t really a lot else you can do to recover from that).

    MORE: Public shaming: Underwear thief forced to walk around the block wearing the bras he stole

    MORE: Artist tries to trigger contagious yawning in Times Square

    10:27 pm
    England cricket star Chris Woakes pulls off superb juggling catch

    When the ball slips out of your hands at the last minute during a catch attempt, thats usually it.

    But not if youre England cricket star Chris Woakes.

    He refused to take no for an answer and, after mixing in some juggling moves, managed to successfully pull off this catch for England in their clash with a Prime Minister’s XIs.

    Woakes showed superb agility to get down and flick the ball around, before finally being able to make it safe. Phew.

    He got away with it this time, but probably some more catch practice is in order for the future.

    MORE: Best goal ever? Player scores with amazing throw in shot

    chris woakes
    Great work, sir (Picture: YouTube)
    7:22 pm
    Celebrity Big Brother 2015: Perez leaves Cami Li fuming after accusing her of pretend lesbianism
    Perez Hilton, Celebrity Big Brother, Perez Hilton crying
    Perez has landed in trouble yet again (Picture: Channel 5)

    As if he hadn’t run in to enough trouble already with his comments about the house being ‘cancer-free’, now Celebrity Big Brother’s Perez Hilton has caused further controversy in the house.

    This time around the showbiz blogger incurred the wrath of Cami Li – who, as viewers will see on Wednesday night’s show, chose him to join her as the house’s King of the Fairies after she was crowned Queen on Tuesday night.

    But she may now be regretting that decision after he told her: ‘Pretend lesbianism will get you very far with the British public.’

    An outraged Cami Li hit back, telling him: ‘I have self-respect and my family are watching!’ – before confiding in Michelle and Patsy about his remarks.

    ‘I’m not about to degrade myself,’ she told the pair, ‘I’m a college graduate!’

    Cami Li Celebrity Big Brother
    Cami Li has been enjoying her new role as the Queen of the Fairies (Picture: Rex Features/Channel 5)

    Oh dear. Still, the pair may well have patched things up now after Nadia told a tearful Perez that his comment was ‘disgusting’ and ordered hi, to apologise.

    He also got a bit of a stern talking to from Calum – who pointed out his remarks hadn’t been the most tasteful in light of the Jeremy Jackson incident.

    Celebrity Big Brother continues on Channel 5 tonight at 9pm.

    Saturday, January 10th, 2015
    6:16 pm
    The folks behind Sharknado are back  with a Fifty Shades Of Grey-style mockbuster&

    Not content with foisting monsters and mayhem upon the general viewing public, the folks behind the Sharknado series have something very different up their sleeve for their latest effort.

    Or at least they do if the trailer for this latest ‘epic’ from B-movie studio The Asylum – looking ever so slightly like Fifty Shades Of Grey – is anything to go by.

    The film in question is called Bound, and follows the exploits of ‘wealthy divorcee Michelle Milan’ (played by Buffy The Vampire Slayer’s Charisma Carpenter) who becomes involved with dashing young thing Ryan Black (Bryce Draper) while working at her dad’s estate agency.

    Cue – if the trailer is anything to go by – the sort of torrid, BDSM-laden affair that punctuates much of the action in Fifty Shades – although producers are keen to emphasise that their own ‘mockbuster’ has no links to EL James’ erotic page-turner.

    Nope, doesn’t look anything like Fifty Shades to us…(Picture: The Asylum)




    ‘Were thrilled to bring Bound to audiences, a film that has been compared to Fifty Shades of Grey in that it addresses the subject of BDSM,’ said writer-director Jared Cohn.


    ‘However, our story is a very distinctive and pointedly modern version of the traditional dominant/submissive stereotype.’

    Well that’s good to know. Just so you can decide for yourselves, the trailer for Fifty Shades – due to open in the UK over the Valentine’s Day weekend – is below, while you can watch the trailer for Bound above.

    Alternatively, you can just hop on over to iTunes and watch the whole thing, as it’s just been released on demand. You lucky people…

    MORE: Fifty Shades Of Grey has been rated R in the US for unusual behaviour

    5:14 pm
    Sting helps design amazing indestructible ball so football never stops for disadvantaged children

    An American inventor (with a little help from singer Sting) has produced a new football for disadvantaged children  that is virtually indestructible.

    Tim Jahnigen came up with the idea for the One World ball after seeing kids in Africa roll up piles of rubbish to play games.

    It can be run over, kicked against barbed wire and even stabbed with a knife (!) and it springs back into perfect shape, ready to be played with again.

    It is designed to suit the harsh terrain in far flung countries all over the world, and means football never has to end.

    ball gif
    The ball just bounces back to life (Picture: YouTube)

    A child can play to their hearts content where there are no content hearts, Jahnigen said of his design.

    We dont understand that having a ball is like the best PlayStation or a rocket to Mars.


    MORE: Barcelona kit leak confirms they’re ditching stripes for hoops

    Sting helped come up with the product (Picture: Twitter)
    4:06 pm
    Rita Ora vows to cover up on The Voice panel, saying: I have to be appropriate
    Rita will be keeping her assets covered on The Voice (Picture: BBC)

    She might have sparked over 400 complaints with her revealing One Show outfit – but Rita Ora has revealed she’ll be doing nothing of the sort on The Voice itself.

    With the series due to return to screens on Saturday night, the newly appointed coach told The Sun that she plans to keep it decent for the prime time audience.

    ‘I thought to myself “well I have to be a bit appropriate if I’m going to be on TV every Saturday”,’ she said ahead of her first appearance on the show – which sees her dressed in a long black skirt and sheer black top.

    All of which should ensure that her time on The Voice goes more smoothly than her time on The One Show, which had viewers up in arms after she appeared wearing an ultra-low cut white trouser suit with nothing underneath.

    So far the BBC has received 400 complaints about Ora’s outfit, while a further 28 viewers have voiced their feelings to media watchdog Ofcom.

    The Voice 2015
    Rita’s revealing One Show outfit has sparked over 400 complaints (Picture: BBC)

    Isnt it about the time BBC had a dress code? one irate viewer asked on the Points Of View website.

    I do not want to see her boobs hanging out on a family programme. I find it quite disgraceful.

    However others defended the singer’s attire, with one asking: ‘This isn’t 1950 is it?’

    The Voice 2015 – which will see Rita join fellow coaches Tom Jones, and Ricky Wilson – kicks off on BBC One on Saturday night at 7pm.

    MORE: The Voice 2015: Rita Ora falls out of her chair over fireman contestant Stevie McCrorie

    4:28 pm
    SpaceX rocket fails to land on ocean platform
    SpaceX's attempt to land the first stage of a Falcon 9 rocket on a floating ocean platform Saturday was unsuccessful, the company has announced. The rocket, which carries supplies for the International Space Station aboard SpaceX's Dragon spacecraft, has been launched successfully from Cape Canaveral, Florida at 4:47 a.m. ET Saturday.
    SpaceX’s attempt to land the first stage of a Falcon 9 rocket (Picture: SpaceX)

    SpaceX, an American space transport company, has said that an experiment to land part of a Falcon 9 rocket on a floating ocean platform was unsuccessful.

    The SpaceX rocket, which carries supplies for the International Space Station (ISS) aboard the Dragon spacecraft, was successfully launched from Cape Canaveral at 4.47 a.m ET Saturday.

    The mission had originally hoped to send the first stage of the rocket into space before separating from the second stage, which ignites and delivers the Dragon capsule to the ISS.

    The first stage was then supposed to embark on a gentle descent to Earth, and while it successfully managed this – floating 200 miles off Jacksonville, Florida, SpaceX CEO Elon Musk reported that the landing had been hard.

    He also said that while there was no damage to the rocket, the company was unable to get a good video of the landing, and would instead have to piece it together from a combination of telemetry and video footage.

    Although the landing didnt go quite to plan, Musk also confirmed that the Dragon capsule was currently en-route toward the ISS.

    3:56 pm
    Barcelona kit leak appears to confirm plan to change stripes for hoops

    Rumours that Barcelona are about to ditch a 115-year tradition and swap to a new hoop kit design appear to be true.

    Leaked images on social media suggest the Catalan giants are to switch the famous claret and blue stripes – synonymous with the club – for a new horizontal design in 2015/16.

    Talk of the change has already irked some supporters, and with reported unrest coming at a time when superstar Lionel Messi and head coach Luis Enrique have been linked with exits.

    MORE: Barca left with 70,000 empty seats as fans desert club

    2:35 pm
    This is how to deal with people who blame Muslims for Charlie Hebdo attacks

    This exchange between LBC radio presenter James OBrien and a caller to his show is a masterclass in how to deal with people blaming Islam for the Charlie Hebdo attack in Paris.</p>

    In the heated exchange between the pair, the caller begins by controversially stating that he believes that an apology is needed by all of Islam, despite previously stating an apparent awareness that the attacks were only committed by a minority.

    OBrien then replies by asking the caller if he had apologised for the attacks, prompting the caller to reply Why would I need to apologise for that.

    LBC's James O Brien (Picture: YouTube/LBC)
    LBC’s James O Brien (Picture: YouTube/LBC)

    Its at this point that OBrien really begins to make the caller look a bit silly, and replies by stating that a previous Muslim caller would have no need to apologise either, as the attack occurred when he was in Berkshire and was not committed in the name of Islam.

    OBrien continues to question the man, called Richard, by saying that the failed shoe bomb attack of 2001 was committed by a man called Richard Reid, and by the callers logic, he should consequently apologise for atrocities committed in the name of all Richards, irrespective of being entirely different people.

    Although the caller is pretty much beyond the point of rescuing his argument, he attempts to justify his claims once more, before OBrien simply says Youre allowed to admit youve made a mistake my friend.


    2:20 pm
    Liverpools Lazar Markovic nearly scores wonder goal, Connor Wickham gives priceless reaction

    Lazar Markovic is yet to fully set the world light after his switch to Liverpool, but hes close to finding his best form.

    After scoring the opener for the Reds against Sunderland, he nearly pulled off this absolute pearler, which would have easily been the best goal in the Premier League this season.

    Markovics beautiful acrobatic mid-air volley crashed onto the bar and was cleared, but it totally deserved a goal.

    And Sunderlands Connor Wickham gave this hilarious reaction…

    More of this please, Mr Markovic!

    1:03 pm
    Homer Simpson could be about to cheat on Marge with Lena Dunham



    (Picture: Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP) (Picture: Fox)

    Uh oh, Lena Dunham is about to cause controversy in Springfield as she voices a character that is set to drive a wedge between Homer and Marge.

    Its fair to say Homer and Marge Simpson have had their fair share of ups and downs, and its on another down that Homer meets another woman, and that woman is Lena Dunham.

    Lena is set to voice Candace, a pharmacist who befriends Homer during a rocky patch with his wife, and turns into his new love interest.

    (Picture: Fox)
    (Picture: Fox)

    This is almost devastating news, except that producer Al Jean has assured fans that what you expect will happen, probably wont.

    He told EntertainmentWeekly: I dont want to say what happens but Ill say with a Stewart [Burns] script, its always unexpected, and this one is definitely not what you would expect&.

    ‘For those who are sick of marriage crisis episodes, it goes in a completely different direction than any before.

    The role was created specifically for Lena, and is a brand new character for her rather than being based on herself or her Girls character.

    The episode is due to air this autumn so theres a bit of a wait to see how the latest marriage crisis pans out.

    MORE: Girls star Lena Dunham is a fan of Call The Midwife and its explicit birth scenes

    MORE: The Simpsons channel Frozen in this frankly awesome Christmas couch gag

    12:40 pm
    Chelsea and Manchester United face fresh competition for Raphael Varane transfer from Bayern Munich
    Raphael Varane has been linked with Chelsea and Manchester United (Picture: Getty)

    Chelsea and Manchester United could both miss out on a deal for highly-rated Real Madrid defender Raphael Varane, with Bayern Munich eyeing a move.

    The Premier League duo are both believed to be tracking the French international, with Chelsea boss Jose Mourinho having already worked with the youngster at the Bernabeu.

    But according to the Express, Bayern boss Pep Guardiola has asked agent Jorge Mendes to negotiate a deal with Real, in a bid to take Varane to the Allianz Arena.

    The 21-year-old is highly regarded across Europe and is on Manchester United boss Louis van Gaals shortlist of targets, as he looks to strengthen his back line.

    Meanwhile, Chelsea have also been tipped to move for Varane as, despite signing impressive Kurt Zouma as the long-term successor to John Terry, there are now doubts emerging over Gary Cahills place in the side, after a shaky first-half of the season.

    MORE: Andre Schurrles Chelsea future in doubt as Jose Mourinho lines up Marco Reus or Juan Cuadrado to replace World Cup winner

    11:35 am
    Firework truck explodes in deadly vehicle pile-up

    This photo shows the terrifying moment a truck carrying fireworks exploded during a massive vehicle pile-up in America.

    193 vehicles are thought to have collided on a highway in eastern Kalamazoo County, Michigan, on Friday, resulting in an accident that left one person dead, and more than a dozen drivers injured.

    Speaking to BuzzFeed News, Lieutenant Rick Pazder of Michigan State Police said: Theres unfortunately still a possibility that we could find another fatality as we get closer to the epicentre of this crash.

    It is believed that the initial crash involved only a handful of vehicles, but additional vehicles began colliding with the first collision, until it stretched for hundreds of yards.

    The fireworks truck was not the only hazardous vehicle involved in the collision, as the crash also involved a tanker carrying almost 5,000 gallons of hazardous acid, with some of the substance leaking out and requiring hazmat crews to attend the scene.

    Lt Pazder said: Were still dealing with that tanker. We might still have some acid.’

    Although the accident is still being investigated, snow-covered roads and reduced visibility are believed to be the likely cause.

    MORE: Investigators lift tail portion of crashed Air Asia plane from sea

    12:02 pm
    Crystal Palace boss Alan Pardew warns Liverpool only extraordinary offer will seal Yannick Bolasie
    Yannick Bolasie has been linked with Liverpool (Picture: Reuters)

    Alan Pardew has warned Liverpool only an extraordinay bid will force him to consider allowing Yannick Bolasie to leave the club this month.

    The Reds have been linked with a move for the midfielder, who has shone for the Eagles this season.

    But Pardew, who takes charge of his first Premier League match as boss at Selhurst Park this evening, says Liverpool must pay mega-bucks to prise Bolasie away.

    Like with any player you can never say never, and I learned that at Newcastle, losing Andy Carroll on the last day of the window, he said.

    So never say never but I think it would take an extraordinary bid to take him away from this football club in the situation we are in.

    I would be very surprised if any club wanted to make that phone call.

    MORE: Raheem Sterling closes on new long-term Liverpool deal

    12:37 pm
    Cristiano Ronaldo fans attack Michel Platinis house after Ballon dOr jibe

    Michel Platini has been made to pay by angry Cristiano Ronaldo fans after saying the Real Madrid star doesnt deserve to win the Ballon dOr.

    A video posted online shows supporters of the Real Madrid star, kicking 61 footballs at the home of the Uefa chief  one for each goal Ronnie got last year.

    Ronaldo, who is up against La Liga rival Lionel Messi and Bayern Munich No.1 Manuel Neuer for the prestigious award, has been widely tipped to take home the honour when the winner is announced in Switzerland on Monday.

    Platini, however, is of the opinion the crown should be handed to a World Cup winner in the year of the competition, thus suggesting his support is with goalkeeper Neuer.

    The fans aimed the football at Platini’s house (Picture: YouTube)

    Fans of Ronaldo have not taken such comments lightly, with the video, above, showing his supporters, who are said to be Portuguese, rolling up at the Paris home of the former France international during the early hours of the morning before launching a tirade of footballs at the property.

    The disturbance naturally brings Platini to the door, which is when the perpetrators make a quick exit.

    11:17 am
    Andre Schurrles Chelsea future in doubt as Jose Mourinho lines up Marco Reus or Juan Cuadrado to r
    Andre Schurrle has struggled to make an impression this season (Picture: Getty)

    Chelsea could be set to part company with World Cup winner Andre Schurrle, with boss Jose Mourinho reportedly eyeing two top names as his possible replacement, according to reports.

    Schurrle has struggled for fitness and form this season after a gruelling summer in Brazil and being struck with a mystery illness.

    As a result, the midfielder has made just 21 appearances for the Blues this term, which have included just three 90-minute outings, all in the Capital One Cup.

    And , Mourinho is starting to run out of patience with the 24-year-old and is already thinking of alternatives.

    Marco Reus and Juan Cuadrado  both already wanted men in the Premier League  have been linked with Stamford Bridge.

    Reus is the target of a number of top clubs across Europe and Chelsea would have to guarantee him a regular starting place if they are to land his signature.

    Meanwhile, Cuadrado is said to be ready to quit Fiorentina after becoming frustrated with the club, but Manchester United are thought to be prime candidates to make an offer.

    MORE: Lionel Messi signing impossible, admits Chelsea assistant Steve Holland

    10:35 am
    Asian fans host bonkers Aston Villa themed wedding in Hong Kong

    Its one thing to love and support your team, but its quite another to base your wedding around it.

    That didnt stop these Asian Aston Villa super-fans though.

    They decided to base their whole wedding around their love for the Midlands club, with Villa themed champagne glasses, wedding car and food all on show at the venue in Hong Kong.

    Many of the guests also wore Villa kits, to top off the day.

    Oh and in one of his vows, the groom agreed to love his new wife even more than Villa.


    MORE: Could Villa sign all of these transfer targets?

    fan villa
    There were Villa themed vows (Picture: YouTube)
    Food more dangerous than Benteke’s shooting (Picture: YouTube)
    Saturday, January 3rd, 2015
    4:38 pm
    Jose Mourinho laments refereeing decisions once again but Eden Hazard provided a shining light for C
    Eden Hazard was excellent in Chelsea’s loss at Spurs (Picture: AP)

    As anticipated following Jose Mourinho’s claim of a campaign against Chelsea, there was controversy when they travelled to White Hart Lane on New Year’s Day and got beaten 5-3.

    The manager believed that the Blues were denied a crucial decision yet again as Phil Dowd waved away appeals after the ball struck the arm of Jan Vertonghen. Also, later on in the match Eden Hazard was brought down on a break so there is an argument for a potential red if contact was made.

    I don’t think there was any arguments about Tottenham’s penalty as it was stupid of Gary Cahill to extend his leg in the path of Harry Kane, who would have been going slightly away from goal had he come away with the ball and may have taken a heavy touch to do so. The England defender has been poor this month and his mistakes have cost Chelsea.

    Following his comments after the Southampton match, Mourinho may have hoped to put pressure on the next referee, so Dowd was probably the worst of the ones that could have come up for him. As a referee, he is generally poor at keeping up with play due to his physical condition and is confrontational. Dowd certainly was not going to be bullied into making pro Chelsea decisions due to media pressure.

    As it was, it was a poor day for the west London club who were beaten by a side that just wanted it more and took advantage of the breaks when they came. This defeat will hurt Chelsea as they have now surrendered the advantage they have over Manchester City previously.

    Tottenham's Harry Kane, right, challenges for the ball with Chelsea's Gary Cahill during the English Premier League soccer match between Tottenham Hotspur and Chelsea at White Hart Lane Stadium in London, Thursday, Jan. 1, 2015. (AP Photo/Kirsty Wigglesworth)
    Chelsea’s Gary Cahill, left, was poor against Spurs (Picture: AP)

    Many of the players ought to be hanging their heads in shame after that effort, or lack of, but there was a few positives in there. Eden Hazard stood out to me, as he often does, but this was a game that he took by the scruff of the neck and take responsibility for.

    The Belgian showed character by chasing down lost causes, making the most of the opportunities he had and giving the Tottenham defence a headache. He very nearly brought Chelsea back into it on his own and could have done had the defence pulled their finger out. Hazard has always demonstrated supreme talent but perhaps not always the sort of effort in all areas of the field he’s shown this season.

    We always knew this side would be tested at some point this season and they’ll have to brush themselves off and use the anger and frustration that’s accumulated over the festive period towards something positive.

    MORE: What was really to blame for Chelsea and Jose Mourinhos horror show at Tottenham Hotspur?

    MORE: Is Jose Mourinho right about there being an anti-Chelsea agenda?

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