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    Friday, September 12th, 2014
    7:37 pm
    Free Bergere de France pattern book

    Free Bergere de France pattern book ($20 value) with every order (meaning, you need to purchase something. Anything really.) until 9/30/2014

    If you’re a fan of Bergere de France (they consistently produce some beautiful knitwear designs), they’re giving away their brand new 2014/2015 pattern book (note: they also send you a catalogue which is essentially just a “look-book” with yarn samples and but the one they’re giving away for free is the actual pattern booklet with a whopping 159 patterns. Yes, you read that right. 159)

    You have to pay for postage and their yarns are a tad pricey so this is what you do to get it super cheap.

    1) sign up for a free account and make sure you click “yes” to receive their newsletter. You get $10 reward points to use towards your order, including postage.

    2) add whatever you want to buy (in my case, it was their fall/winter pattern magazine $12)

    3) A free gift product: Creations 14/15 pattern book should appear automatically in your cart with 0.00 next to it.

    4) During checkout, use your $10 reward points and pay the difference.

    Just got $32 worth of pattern books for $10 (including postage). yay!

    Wednesday, September 10th, 2014
    5:04 pm
    Little Knits - Serica

    LK has a great sale on Serica, a sportweight 50/50 wool/silk blend - I don’t know if this is a new line they are carrying or if it’s being cleared out, but the colors are BEAUTIFUL! They are selling by single skein and 5 skein lots.

    LIttle Knits - Serica

    ETA: oops, was looking up how to spell Serica and forgot to put it in the topic header!

    Tuesday, September 9th, 2014
    1:48 am
    Interweave Back to School Sale!

    So Interweave is having a great sale!
    Sale Linky

    I also used the code WEAVE520 to save an additional $5 off $20 (WEAVE15 also works for 15% off your purchase, but the $5 was a better coupon for me!)

    Lots of things are 50%, including pattern downloads.
    Shipping is kinda high as always, but given I usually buy from KnitPicks or Amazon and get free shipping, my perspective is skewed.

    I got New American Knits and 150 Scandinavian Motifs for $12.50 each and shipping was a little less than $7.

    Tuesday, August 19th, 2014
    9:47 pm
    IWK summer tent sale

    Interweave is having a sale on selected items up to 75%. Not a wide selection of items but I did get hard-copies of Metropolitan Knits for $6.24 and the Crocheters Companion spiral bound reference for $4.99. Also free shipping through tomorrow (8/20). I’m a happy camper since I’d been wanting the knitting pattern book for a while. Also try discount code thanku10 for an additional 10% off…I think it worked for me since I’d gotten that code to use with the last order I made.

    Here’s the link to the six pages of the knitting-related items on sale

    Friday, September 5th, 2014
    1:49 pm
    25% alpaca blends

    This is lovely yarn (I have the alpaca/cormo blend); I’m just a satisfied previous customer. NorthStar Alpacas has a 25% off code on everything in her Etsy store to pay her hay bill: HAY2014

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