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    Wednesday, August 23rd, 2017
    3:09 pm
    All the Single Ladies
    Mmm, there are some damn hot redheads this week!

    Artist: tbranch
    Title: Study Time
    Character(s): Ginny Weasley
    Media: Digital
    Notes: Its been awhile since you all have seen smutness from moi. So I thought of you and made this.

    Artist: thilia
    Title: Till The Water Turns Cold
    Character(s): Rose Weasley
    Media: Digital
    Notes: Rose's first time... in the shower ;D

    3:09 pm
    Malfoy Manor
    Title: Daddy's Boy
    Artist: tripperfunster
    Medium: pencil
    Characters: Lucius/Draco
    Warnings: CHAN!! Draco is underaged. Also? Incest.
    Notes: Oddly enough, I drew this for my very first submission to Smut Wednesday (back in the day) and it was rejected because it was chan. I even re-drew Draco older, but alas, it was not meant to be. The chan rules are a bit more relaxed now, so I thought I"d post it.

    3:09 pm

    Title:After Party
    Media:Colored pencil on recycled paper
    Notes: James and Sirius unwind after a full moon night on the town.

    Give kat some love! <3
    3:09 pm
    Wheee! Nothin' says sexy like a little bestiality, AMIRITE?

    Okay, it's not quite that hardcore today, but the theme is Animagus. :D

    Title:Bad Dog! No Biscuit!
    Media:Colored pencil on recycled paper
    Notes: Well, at least one participant here is getting their rocks off although it may be their last time if they're not careful.

    comments are <3

    Also, a note to all and sundry:
    hump_day_smut is having an 'open mic' day Sept 7, and everyone is welcome to join in! All skill levels and meduims welcome. Just comment to this post, or pm me if you're interested. No need to join the community (that's for regular contributors only) but watching us is great!!
    3:09 pm
    Canon Couples
    Title: Inter-Office Relations
    Media:Paint Tools SAI
    Notes: canon FTW

    Title: What? This is TOTES canon!!
    Media:ink and ps
    Notes: This sort of looks like a deranged, hermitized Conan O'Brian attacking a helpless goat. MY NEW OTP!

    3:09 pm
    hump_day_smut @ 2011-08-03T12:05:00
    Title: Smile!
    Artist: alienor77310
    Pairing: Voldemort/Nagini
    Note: Pose from a pic found on the internets. Mostly.

    Title: My Prince (re-run)
    Artist: lunalelle
    Pairing: Voldemort/Snape
    Note: A deceptively tender moment.

    Title: Voldie's Mankini (re-run)
    Artist: tripperfunster
    Pairing: Voldemort
    Note: What can I say? Sexy is as sexy does.

    3:09 pm
    Better Late Than Never! ;)
    Wow, eljay, you so tricky! :D
    Finally, I can upload some porn! This week's theme is tattoos. mmmmmmtattoos......

    Title: Licking
    Artist: naturegirlrocks
    Pairing: Sirius/Severus
    Note: I got inspired this weekend at DiaCon <3

    Title: Order of the Phoenix
    Character(s): Tonks, ambiguous-probably-Weasley-but-feel-free-to-decide-he's-someone-else
    Media: Digital
    Notes: I kinda think that Tonks is mimicking his tattoo for the moment; after all, why commit if you don't have to?

    3:09 pm
    In the Teacher's Lounge
    Title:After Hours
    Character(s):Minerva/Severus (Side of horrified Dumbledore)
    Media:Pencil on paper
    Notes: Many apologies for the rough nature of this sketch, time slipped away from me this time around.

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    3:09 pm
    Call for art
    This wed is IN THE TEACHER'S LOUNGE and akatnamedeaster has signed up.

    Anyone else who would like to join in is certainly welcome!

    tripperfunster at live dot com by 10am wed morn (CST)
    3:09 pm
    Stick-man Porn!
    Title: Stick to me
    Artist: naturegirlrocks
    Pairing: Harry/Draco
    Note This was actually harder than it looks :)

    Title: Compare
    Artist: tripperfunster
    Pairing: Snarry
    Note Canon baby!

    3:09 pm
    Title: Chibi-Draco gets a treat
    Artist: naturegirlrocks
    Pairing: H/D
    Note: I had to do heavy research to get this picture right *nods* :D

    Title: You're Who Again?
    Artist: tripperfunster
    Pairing: ?/?
    Note: My feelings about Manga are obviously a well kept seekrit.

    3:09 pm
    WARNING: Although Werewolves are not technically animals, it *might* be construed as bestiality if someone were to have sex with them in wolf form ... as you do ...
    If that's not your thing, or illegal in your place of residence, move along. These aren't the droids you're looking for.

    Artist: scarletscarlet
    Title: Going through a phase
    Character(s): Fenrir Greyback, Teddy Lupin
    Media: PS3, tablet
    Notes: Teddy is so obviously his mother's child that it's no wonder he's fascinated by werewolves. He likes to go out looking for trouble; he loves it when he finds some. BIG NOTE, because Fenrir: this is completely consensual!

    Title: Of Wolf and Bird
    Pairing: Werewolf!Harry/Veela!Draco
    Artist: naturegirlrocks
    Rating: R
    Note: This is inspired by my own fic Of Wolf and Bird

    Title:A (Extremely) Dangerous Liaison
    Media:Colored pencil on recycled paper
    Notes: I am so sorry for this picture....well, no...not really.

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    3:09 pm
    To clean our palettes from last week, this week we are illustrating good!fic!

    Title: Teasing
    Artist: naturegirlrocks

    "Oh God!" Potter cried, his eyes filling with desire as Draco edged forward and gripped Potter's waist with his thighs, his hand sliding behind him to take hold of Potter's cock again. "Malfoy." Potter gave another shuddering moan, his hands flying to settle on Draco's hips as Draco grabbed Potter's bicep for balance and pressed the tip of Potter's cock to his entrance. "Do you have something against foreplay?" Potter asked, looking torn, as though he didn't know whether to push Draco away or push inside him.

    Draco trailed the tip of Potter's cock along the crease of his arse, teasing them both. His hair had fallen over his eyes and he had to shake his head to see Potter clearly. He couldn't help grinning at Potter's bewildered expression; Potter fought to keep his eyes open but his eyelashes fluttered every time the tip of his cock touched the furrowed skin of Draco's entrance.

    "Do you want me to stop?" Draco asked, his throat dry and voice scratchy."

    Artist: scarletscarlet
    Title: Hunting for luck
    Character(s): Dudley Dursley, Piers Polkiss
    Media: PS3, tablet
    Notes: This is inspired by The Glorious 10th of May by vissy, from this year's HP Beholder fest. I've taken a lot of liberties, really - the position should be COMPLETELY different, for one - but, y'know, the lads are in the forest? We could pretend it's artistic license rather than a fuckup on my part, right? It's a brilliant story with boys who are such boys. Also, delightfully(and appropriately, given the fest), Dudley is kept fat and that fat is eroticised (though not fetishised) rather than handwaved away. It's not only pretty people who have satisfying sex :).

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