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    Tuesday, August 29th, 2017
    11:20 pm
    Aly's 4-share mirror "my problem"
    Your PHP installation appears to be missing the MySQL extension which is required by WordPress.

    Is the message I get when I click on the link in the sidebar for livejournal getithere site.

    I can't find a sidebar on the new dreamwidth site. Does anyone know what that error message means? Thanks.
    Thursday, August 17th, 2017
    2:40 pm
    Justin goes to art school in another country
    I think is is Ireland and he starts seeing someone while on tour? with the art school. Brian comes to visit and stays in touch. Not really a lot to go on but hopefully someone knows what story this is. Thank you in advance!!
    9:10 am
    Fanfic downloader
    Hey guys, me again...
    Any of you kindred souls using iPad to read fanfic? Also downloading to read later offline on holiday?
    Most people use downloadable pdfs but those don't work with iPad mini because of the unadjustable font size. I tried but ended up with fics only ants and pixies can read.
    Alas, I am looking for a good downloader.
    There were some recommended years ago, but those don't exist anymore. The ones on AppStore only work with, which site isn't the best for Qaf fandom. Still, I tested "Read Up" (faulty, couldn't even start), "Pocket Fiction" (crashes every 10 minutes, crappy interface), and "FanFiction" (looks promising, although it has been syncing for over an hour now).
    So I am hoping someone better versed in technology can recommend one that works with Qaf fanfic sites, too.
    There are great fics you just must read, but they are oftentimes untagged and infrequently updated, so extracting them manually from lj chapter by chapter can really be a nuisance.
    Oh, how I long for a "fic magnet" that just pulls the relevant parts, formatted and chaptered, no ads of course...
    Any of you guys know of such a thing, or feel like making one? :-D

    No downloader on the horizon yet, but after some nudging from the helpful dzmom I checked other options (duh!) and realized that the new Adobe Acrobat Reader actually has a feature called "reading mode" where you can increase text size! So I guess working around the problem is the way to go. On to pdfs!
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