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    Saturday, January 31st, 2015
    12:00 am
    Cali-the-Labrador-Retriever puppy
    Hi, my name is Cali and I am a black Lab. I am 10 weeks old and am having so much fun with my new family. I love to play with balls and rope, run, and chase all of the little children that come to my house. My favorite treat is a sweet potato chew and I love having playdates with my brother Bentley and best friend Bailey. I love to take naps in the rays of the sun or in the cuddly laps of my family. I am super sweet and loving life.

    Friday, January 30th, 2015
    12:00 am
    Mya-the-Beagle puppy
    Hi, my name is Mya. My sister and I came to a new home where I have two new sisters. I try keeping up with my bigger sisters when we run and play chase, but my little legs just won't let me keep up. I like afternoon naps, playing keep away, sweet potato cookies and getting to sleep in the big bed at night. Even though I have mastered the dual flap doggie door, I am still learning to go potty outside, but at least my mommy and daddy don't get mad at me for accidents.

    Thursday, January 29th, 2015
    12:00 am
    Harley-the-Spaniel-Mix puppy
    Hi, my name is Harley Thomas Moreland. I'm a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and Bichon Frise mix, also known as a Cavachon. I am a playful and loyal pup with a passion for shoes, ESPN, and my favorite little toy moose. I recently got to play in the snow for the first time and had a blast!

    Wednesday, January 28th, 2015
    12:00 am
    Tucker-the-Yorkie-Mix puppy
    Hi, my name is Tucker Alexander MacDougall. I am a Yorkshire terrier and maltese mix, and some people say I'm a "morkie." I am a very lovable, sociable, and playful pup. I have a lot of special people in my life who are always wanting to spend time with me. Some of my favorite things are playing in the snow, biting on shoes, looking out the window, and learning new tricks! (And of course getting treats.)

    Tuesday, January 27th, 2015
    12:00 am
    Max-the-Golden-Retriever puppy
    My name is Max Catania. I love Milkbones, stuffing-free toys, bandanas, long walks, dog parks and swimming. I'm scared of thunderstorms and black cats. My favorite "people food" is bananas, but I don't really like strawberries. I love to grab underwear, bras and socks out of the laundry basket. I don't like rain or snow, and even though I am very well potty trained, I sometimes have accidents when the weather isn't nice. I love snuggling under blankets with my mom. I've been on vacation to Rehoboth Beach, Delaware and Sea Isle City, New Jersey. I like spending time with my grandpa on the weekends when my mom is at work. I also really like spending time with my mom's boyfriend.

    Monday, January 26th, 2015
    12:00 am
    Huck-the-Mixed-Breed puppy
    Hi, my name is Huckleberry Finn, but everyone calls me Huck or Huckle for short! Mom rescued me from a shelter in Tallahassee when I was just 8 weeks old. She always wanted a canine companion to have adventures with, so that's how I got my name! No one really knows what sort of mix I am (the vet called me a Heinz 57), but I sure am cute! One of my ears is larger than the other. My favorite things to do are snuggling, going on puppy play dates with my best friend Bubba, and chewing on Mom's shoes and whatever else I can find when she's not looking.

    Sunday, January 25th, 2015
    12:00 am
    Ikelos-the-Bernese-Mountain-Dog puppy
    Ikelos is a super sweet, playful Berner who loves to be with people. In fact, he secretly wishes he were a lap dog. Ike loves going to the dog park and playing with his buddies down the street. He has become a very important member of the family and even joins me in the office every day.

    Saturday, January 24th, 2015
    12:00 am
    Kiara-the-Beagle puppy
    I love to play and jump and eat all the food I can find. I can sit now and give one paw in my own way. My favorite toy is my rabbit my grandma gave me. I don't need an expensive toy, though--just give me a piece of a tree and I will keep myself busy for hours.

    Friday, January 23rd, 2015
    12:00 am
    Jax-the-Great-Dane puppy
    Hi, my name is Jax! I love spending my time playing with my older (and soon to be much smaller) brothers. My favorite is to play tug of war with my brother Marley--for now I let him win. I am a big teddy bear and love cuddling with my mom on the couch. I usually fall asleep on top of her but I am learning to go to my own bed now at night time. I can still be a little clumsy and I haven't quite figured out how powerful I am yet. At least it gives my mom and dad a good laugh! I am very smart and already know how to sit and stay. I love to eat and will do almost anything for treats.

    Thursday, January 22nd, 2015
    12:00 am
    Risa-the-Mixed-Breed puppy
    Risa is my loving and feisty puppy. I am currently living and volunteering in Central America and I'm thrilled to have her in my life here. Risa means laughter in Spanish and I named her that because laughter is exactly what she adds to my life! I have no idea what kind of breeds her parents were or if they were any specifically since mixed dogs are unfortunately abundant here in the streets. Sadly, Risa was taken away from her mother too young (4.5 weeks) and came from a home that did not treat her well. As a result, she has already battled a heavy worm, flea, and tick infestation, severe anemia, a bacterial infection, and kennel cough. However, she is a fighter and is getting healthier by the day. Above all, she is beautiful, smart, silly, and loves to cuddle. Her favorite past times include sleeping on my chest, chewing on her squeaky toys that her aunts sent her from the USA, eating, and video chatting with her brothers (2 Labradors) back home in the USA. Even with the stress of worrying about her health, she really is my laughter and my love. We both foresee many happy and healthy years together in Central America and in the USA.

    Wednesday, January 21st, 2015
    12:00 am
    Mason-the-Bernese-Mountain-Dog puppy
    Hi! My name is Mason and I moved to Philly when I was 10 weeks old. I love my mom and dad so much I can't stop biting their hands and clothes. I especially love my treats and I will sit, lay, shake a paw and do just about anything asked to get one! I am awfully clumsy when I try to climb the stairs since my legs are growing faster than the rest of my body. I have a Bengal cat sister Mia who always seems to hiss and run away when I try to jump on her to play. My mom and dad say that we will be the best of friends one day. I am growing bigger every day and can't wait to graduate top of my class from puppy training!

    Tuesday, January 20th, 2015
    12:00 am
    Roxy-the-German-Shepherd-Mix puppy
    Roxy is getting so big! We love our sassy little girl, even though she is a bit stubborn. She sleeps in the silliest positions and loves to take long walks through the woods. She's so good walking on trails that I already let her off the leash to give her a bit more freedom. She's very good at come, sit, lay down, and just learned shake!

    Monday, January 19th, 2015
    12:00 am
    Murphy-the-Soft-Coated-Wheaten-Terrier puppy
    Murphy loves people, toys, treats and tricks! His favorite pastime is watching TV. He's addicted! He loves naps, and is very calm for a wheaten terrier puppy. He loves his siblings, Angel and Pepi. He has hopes to become a therapy dog and gain titles in obedience. A cool fact about wheatens is how their coat changes. As puppies they are mini chewbaccas! As adults they change into a soft wheat color.

    Sunday, January 18th, 2015
    12:00 am
    Fergie-the-Briard puppy
    Fergie is a wonderful puppy who is full of life and love. She enjoys playing with all dogs, especially her older sister Coco. Her favorite activities are playing in the snow and playing on her wobble board, teeter totter, and tunnel. She is so smart and inquisitive but very independent. We love having her as a new addition to our family.

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