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    Saturday, August 26th, 2017
    12:13 am
    Trump pardons Joe Arpaio

    President Donald J. Trump today pardoned the lawless racist and former Arizona sheriff Joe Arpaio. He was found guilty of criminal contempt in a case about racial profiling. Of course he was Trump's first pardon.


    Friday, August 25th, 2017
    11:35 pm
    Racists cancel San Francisco rally

    The racist bigots planning to rally in San Francisco's Crissy Field have cancelled their event, citing fear of violence and the fact that they'd be far out-numbered.

    Joey Gibson, the rallys organizer and the founder of the conservative group Patriot Prayer, said that he believed that tons of extremists would be coming to his event and that it could become dangerous.

    Were not going to have a rally at Crissy Field, Gibson said in a Facebook Live broadcast. It doesnt seem safe. A lot of peoples lives are going to be in danger tomorrow.

    Another rally in Berkeley on Sunday will go on, Gibson said, citing a conversation he had with Amber Cummings, the organizer of that event. Were excited to go into Berkeley. Were going to put our effort and our resources into Berkeley, Gibson said.

    He blamed politicians like House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi and San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee for characterizing the San Francisco rally as a white nationalist event, which he said would attract people with extreme views.

    After several conversations with the police and understanding the situation of whats going on, weve decided that tomorrow really seems like a setup, Gibson said. We decided to go ahead and take the opportunity to not fall into that trap.

    And some protesters could still show up at Crissy Field on Saturday even with the official event called off.

    The free speech rally had attracted a broad backlash from residents and local leaders since deadly violence broke out at a white nationalist protest in Charlottesville, Virginia earlier this month. While organizers with the Portland-based Patriot Prayer insisted they denounced white supremacy, past events organized by the group have attracted neo-Nazis and devolved into violence.

    The organizers said they would hold a news conference Saturday at 2 p.m. in San Franciscos Alamo Park and that they wouldnt talk more about their reasons for canceling the event until then.

    Via the Mercury News</p> Go home, bigots.
    10:35 pm
    Bomba-style retro flip clock

    I've always wanted one of these, and now I can get one pretty cheap! The KABB Modern Digital Flip Clock is $44, comes with black or white number flaps, and runs off a single D battery. It looks a bit cheap in the photos—I certainly don't think it'll pass for a vintage Bomba—but that hardly matters, as it's just another totem of my anxious and obsessive grasping at nostalgia for a technological age I am too young to have experienced, a timeless jumble of false comfort doomed to be discarded in a convulsion of minimalism that is itself merely another manifestation of the deracinating consumer identities to which we are all measured against and fed to like krill.

    Nice gift for dad, though!

    10:35 pm
    Mueller investigating Flynn's role in seeking Clinton's stolen emails to help Trump campaign

    Special Counsel Robert Mueller and his team of investigators are looking into whether former Trump cabinet member Mike Flynn may have been part of an effort to get a hold of Hillary Clintons emails, hacked by Russia.


    10:46 pm
    North Korea fires 'several' ballistic missiles into Sea of Japan, reports South Korean military

    North Korea has launched what is likely to be multiple short-range ballistic missiles off its east coast into the Sea of Japan, according to South Korea's military.


    9:14 pm
    Pop Tarts replaces model's eyes with mouths in nightmare ad

    I am become death, destroyer of worlds.

    Behold my works! Corinthian Leather: the collected political nightmare photoshops.

    9:44 pm
    The skeuomorphic hell of music-making apps

    Audio plugins are renowned for their insane efforts to mimic real-life hardware UI, right down to 70s'-style dials and warped burl paneling. If they could smell of sweaty pleather, they would. John Lagomarsino takes us through his favorite ones and tries to figure out why on Earth all this is so.

    Alone, each plugin is hideous in its own unique way. A panel of 3D knobs here, a pixelated oscilloscope there. But when a project really gets cooking, one can amass eight or ten of these interfaces overlapping each other on the screen at once, and that's when skeuomorph hell really comes into focus. I don't know why audio software has looked like this for the better part of two decades, but I'd like to honor these sins of UI with a tour of some of the most egregious examples.
    7:21 pm
    Interview with Wired founder Louis Rossetto about his new novel, Change is Good

    My guest on the Cool Tools Show podcast this week is my friend and former Wired editor, Louis Rossetto. Louis co-founded Wired with his life partner Jane Metcalfe. During his five years directing Wired, it won the National Magazine Awards for General Excellence twice and was Adweek's Hottest Magazine of the Year. Wired also pioneered commercial web media, launching HotWired the first website with original advertising and Fortune 500 advertising. Since Wired, he's pursued different obsessions from real estate to helping start and run the high end chocolate company TCHO, to writing his new novel Change is Good. (more…)

    6:26 pm
    Video about differences between visiting North Korea and South Korea

    Sixty years ago, North Korea and South Korea were one country. Jacob Laukaitis recently spent a week in each country and made a video of the differences he saw. His guide in South Korea was a man who escaped from North Korea. He told Jacob that only the most privileged North Koreans get to live in the capital of Pyongon. He paid human smugglers $30,000 to take him out of the county. He spent three years working on a farm in China to pay off the debt.

    6:33 pm
    Good deal on Tub Shroom hair catcher

    The popular Tub Shroom, which catches hair before it clogs your tub drain, is on sale on Amazon today for $11. It's got 4.3 stars on Amazon with 9,618 customer reviews.

    3:23 pm
    Instagram reactivates The Nude Blogger's account

    Instagram's policy on nudity: "We know that there are times when people might want to share nude images that are artistic or creative in nature, but for a variety of reasons, we dont allow nudity on Instagram."


    5:46 pm
    Moonlighting's 'Atomic Shakespeare' episode

    The amazing cast of Moonlighting performed William Shakespeare's Taming of the Shrew in character. It was wonderful!

    It has been decades since I've watched Moonlighting seriously, but every year or so I rewatch Atomic Shakespeare.

    6:06 pm
    LED lighting for your tent

    These easy to hang LED lanterns are great camping, working under a car, or really anyplace that is dark!

    Invariably I am searching my tent or van for some small item I critically need, but can not find in the dark. These hanging lanterns make it easy for me to just turn on a light and find what I need.

    Solidly made, I take one camping wherever I go and have put the spare in my emergency bug out bag.

    2 Pack E-TRENDS Portable LED Lantern Tent Light Bulb for Camping Hiking Fishing Emergency Light via Amazon

    6:15 pm
    Watch: Incredible glowing bug moves too lifelike to be just a puppet

    This incredible finger/hand puppet is puppeteer Barnaby Dixon's latest creation. When it's in action, the glowing bug looks more like an animated Pixar character than it does a puppet. Made from light-weight form-fitting plastic, its movements are very lifelike and nimble (it can even pick things up with its delicate hands). Amazing!!

    If you like this, here's another one of Dixon's brillant creations:

    5:27 pm
    Bear needs piano lessons

    Less musically inclined than the average bear?

    5:31 pm
    People buy products with faces to stop from feeling so lonely

    People prefer products that have faces on the packaging, especially when they are lonely, according to a study published online this month in the European Journal of Social Psychology.

    From University of Oregon:

    This finding, published online this month in the European Journal of Social Psychology, is rooted in peoples fundamental need to belong and their desire to form and sustain relationships. When humans lack these social connections, they often attempt to fill the void in other ways, including through their purchasing habits.

    Previous research linked our need for social connection with consumer behavior and judgment, but very little was understood about the role that visuals play in social connection and brand likability, [Prof. Dr. Ulrich] Orth explained. Our study builds on prior research by demonstrating that seeing a face in a brand visual increases a consumers liking of the brand, especially if they feel lonely.

    To be effective, the face on the label does not need to be as obvious as the one smiling back at [University of Oregon professor Bettina] Cornwell from the bag of potato chips in the hotel gift shop. Consumers often imagine humanlike characteristics in nonhuman visuals, a process also known as anthropomorphism. Orth explains that loneliness can enhance peoples tendency to exhibit this kind of wishful seeing and is most apparent in the case of faces.

    A lack of interpersonal relationships motivates people to actively search for sources of connection, Cornwell said. Individuals who are lonely are more likely to find faces in visuals because they so greatly desire this social connection.

    Image: Kevin Harber/Flickr

    4:06 pm
    Person tests Amazon's "unlimited" cloud storage by uploading 1.8 petabytes of porn

    A fellow who goes by the handle beaston02 wanted to see how unlimited Amazon's "unlimited" cloud storage plan was, so he uploaded 293 years' worth (2 million gigabytes or 2 petabytes) of PornHub videos to his account.


    3:06 pm
    Boomers are news-illiterate couch vegetables stuck in front of their yelling, ad-saturated TVs

    A Pew Research study found that "younger adults are more likely than their elders to read the news," but there are other ways of seeing the data.

    Overall, more Americans prefer to watch their news (46%) than to read it (35%) or listen to it (17%), a Pew Research Center survey found earlier this year. But that varies dramatically by age. Those ages 50 and older are far more likely to prefer watching news over any other method: About half (52%) of 50- to 64-year-olds and 58% of those 65 and older would rather watch the news, while roughly three-in-ten (29% and 27%, respectively) prefer to read it. ... our research also reveals that, in the digital realm, [younger adults] often get news at equal or higher rates than older Americans, whether intentionally or not.

    The most literate and literary people in human history.

    3:29 pm
    Watch: Drivers try to warn truck that bucket is up, then truck takes down entire highway sign

    The people shooting this video try to warn a truck driver in Texas that the truck's bucket is raised, but the driver is oblivious. And then the truck crashes into a highway sign and takes it out, along with the entire trestle. Never seen anything like this before!

    Via ABC 13

    2:38 pm
    India supreme court rules sexual orientation is a fundamental right

    India, the world's largest democracy, declares freedom of sexual orientation of fundamental right.

    Indias Supreme Court has given the countrys gay, lesbian, bisexual and trans community the freedom to safely express their sexual orientation. In a historic decision on Thursday, the nine-judge panel declared that an individuals sexual orientation is protected under the countrys Right to Privacy law.

    Sexual orientation is an essential attribute of privacy, the decision reads. Discrimination against an individual on the basis of sexual orientation is deeply offensive to the dignity and self-worth of the individual. Equality demands that the sexual orientation of each individual in society must be protected on an even platform.

    The ruling does not obviate existing laws criminalizing or discriminating against queer folk but lays the groundwork for doing so, especially a pending court challenge to Section 377.

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