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    Monday, December 15th, 2014
    7:44 am
    jupiter ascending


    5:09 am
    Day 15 of Advent
    9 Sleeps til Christmas

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    Sunday, December 14th, 2014
    12:11 pm
    Day 14 of Advent
    Only 10 Sleeps til Christmas

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    Friday, December 12th, 2014
    5:24 am
    5:24 am
    Another Project for Sean
    Actor Sean Bean is to present a two-hour documentary marking the 200th anniversary of the Battle of Waterloo for pay-TV broadcaster History.

    The A+E Networks UK channel has commissioned Wavelength Films, which produced BBC4s Stephen Fry And The Gutenberg Press and Suggs Italian Job for Sky Arts, to make The Battle Of Waterloo Presented By Sean Bean (w/t).

    It will air in June 2015 around the anniversary of the epic battle, in which Napoleons French Army was defeated in Belgium.

    Game Of Thrones star Bean will be familiar with the story, having played Richard Sharpe in ITVs Napoleonic War drama Sharpe, based on Bernard Cornwells novels about a fictional soldier.

    History and H2 director of programming Rachel Job said Bean was top of the list of talent to front the documentary. We didnt go after him in a massive way because we thought hes really busy and really famous, and then Wavelength came to us with him and the idea about Waterloo, she said. Its about picking the subject matter that the talent wants to do, and hes always been interested in Waterloo and the Napoleonic War.

    The Battle Of Waterloo Presented By Sean Bean will use evidence from eyewitness accounts alongside present-day military experts to tell the story of the battle. Bean will work with these experts to test the weapons and tactics that shaped the outcome of the conflict and compare them with modern strategies.

    Job said the commission highlights Historys strategy of presenting traditional documentaries through a different lens and follows Bannockburn, a graphic novel-style film produced by Sky Vision and Arcadia Content.

    The Battle Of Waterloo Presented By Sean Bean has also been prebought by Historys sister channels in Germany, Latin America, Italy, Iberia, Australia and New Zealand. Job said although it is a UK commission, these deals will help boost the shows budget. As soon as I mentioned it to the other channels, they jumped on it. Game Of Thrones is massive around the world, she added.

    The doc begins filming in the UK and Belgium this month. It will be executive produced by Wavelength Films Patrick McGrady.
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